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At the end of the 1968/69 season the then village football club Hall Green Athletic completed their Wakefield & District Football season as Division One League Cup Winners. On conclusion of that season the League clubs voted to expel Athletic from the League for alleged misconduct throughout the season.

Following this decision and lack of interest from the then registered players the club decided to disband.

At that time the Reserve side, which consisted mainly of younger players from the village, indicated that they wished to continue with a village football team. Following several meetings it was confirmed, in June of 1969, that a new club, Hall Green United, would be formed as the new village football club.

They were granted permission, from Crigglestone Cricket Club, to be able to continue using the ground on Painthorpe Lane.

The first appointed Secretary and one of the founder members was
Reginald H Dack (Benny), who held the post for five seasons, he had also been the Secretary of the now defunct Athletic club.
(Sadly Benny, after a short illness, passed away in 2007. He had also been the club secretary of Painthorpe Albion AFC.)

Following their application to join the Wakefield & District Football League they suffered their first setback as their application was denied by the League. They thought the new club would have the same players that played under the banner of the expelled Athletic club. This of course was not true but the new club had to look elsewhere and fortunately the Barnsley & District FA welcomed them with open arms.

United were placed in the Barnsley & District Nelson Division Section Two for season 1969-70 where their first ever competitive game was on Saturday 6th September 1969 away at Thurlstone Sports AFC. From the Barnsley Library local history department copies of the Barnsley Chronicle for that period show United as having won that game 2-1 with the first ever recorded goal for United coming from Stuart Hargreaves. The following Saturday United played hosts to Barnsley Radical & Liberal Club AFC in a Preliminary round of the Barnsley Challenge Cup, their first ever home game. The result of that game is not known. United's under 18 side were entered into the Barnsley Sunday Youth League for season 1971-72.
United had three uneventful seasons in the Barnsley & District  Nelson Section Two Division and even suffered their biggest ever defeat, 0-10 away at Shipcroft United in the Barnsley Beckett Cup.
Team that day was: M Pearson, K Asquith, S Marsden, J Walker, N Banks, K Batley, A Banks, 
E Mawson, S Crowther, K Park, G Fox. Sub: V Pickles.
At the end of 1971-72 Season they again applied for entry into the Wakefield & District FA and this time they were sucessful. They started the following season in Division Two with the newly formed  Reserve side placed in Division Three.  That first season United gained their first trophies by completing a League and Cup double. Their first game in the Wakefield FA was at home to AFC Walton Reserves which they won 5-3. The League title came with 19 wins and only 3 defeats the double was completed with a 3-2 victory over Horbury Town in the final at Walton AFC. Leading goalscorer was Jeff Brook with 42 goals.